It’s crazy that it’s almost time to bust out the sweaters and shift to dressing for cooler weather! One of the biggest sales this fall is the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale (N-Sale for short) – if you follow any blogger/influencer you are guaranteed to see a million collages and new highlights pop up on their pages. But does the sale live up to the hype? 

 “The sale is just THAT good”

Unpopular opinion alert: The N-Sale is 100% overhyped. Yes, you can find great deals on a few products however, the same items will also go on sale throughout Black Friday and the other Q4 tactics. A lot of people don’t realize that this is just a mad dash to stock your closet with things you wouldn’t necessarily purchase because of the price tag. 

With that being said…there is one product I’d recommend shopping through the sale: SPANX FAUX LEATHER LEGGINGS! My holy grail pants in the fall and winter. Spanx has a fair share of sales throughout the year but the black faux leggings are always excluded and the fact that they retail for $100 doesn’t exactly make them accessible for everyone. I actually purchased my first pair last year after Bre Sheppard shared her sale picks. I snagged them for under $70 with shipping and they were SO WORTH IT! 

Sizing: I purchased the leggings in a medium after hearing that it’s better to get them a little snug and they fit like a G L O V E! They add an unexpected element to outfits while sucking everything in…what could be better. Word of advice for my petite ladies: beware of the length when ordering! I ordered the regular length when they offer a petite option. However, they are not horribly long & a few folds at the bottom does the trick! 

Sale Details: Ability to shop the sale is done on a tier system based on how much you spend at Nordstrom with the credit card. I do not have a store credit card so I will be shopping the sale when it opens to the general public on August 19th. Due to the tier system many people have been able to shop for weeks and things will sell out, especially Spanx! The leggings go FAST but be sure to add them to your wishlist and check back for a restock. I will do my best and keep my eyes peeled for you all as well! 

This is only the beginning of the fall/winter shopping season so please no feeling discouraged if you don’t find anything you love this time around. There will be other sales and opportunities to elevate your wardrobe for fall. Either way you’ll look fabulous! 

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