Everyone knows that Fall is the most basic season of them all and I for one, am guilty as charged. At any given moment in fall you can catch me wearing oversized sweaters, drinking a PSL, or quoting Hocus Pocus. Been 300 years…RIGHT DOWN TO THE DAY…okay, i’m getting carried away…

I’m sharing the must have basics to elevate any fall wardrobe

Solid T-Shirt – You can never go wrong with a T-Shirt especially when layering. You want something that can be easily tucked into a pair of jeans or pulled over a pair of leggings. I recommend stocking up on basic tees because they never go out of style. 

Long sleeve henley – Henleys are crucial for colder weather, especially if you live somewhere similar to snowy Buffalo, NY, you want all the warmth you can get. Henley’s can be styled multiple ways. My style pick would be to layer a neutral colored henley under a vest with a pop of color and dark washed jeans. It makes a statement with minimal effort. 

Vest – To Puff or Not to Puff that is the question. When it comes to vests, I recommend sizing up for comfort – you don’t want your vest to fit too tight because one minute you’re taking an instagram photo and the next you look like the michelin man. Old navy has a great selection of outerwear vests.

Faux Leather Leggings – I splurged and bought the Spanx brand leggings which retail around $100. I was lucky and I caught a sale thanks to my girl Bre Sheppard! I have worn the leggings multiple times since they came in the mail and I can honestly say I would have paid full price in a heartbeat. I am O B S E S S E D with the way the leggings form to your body. Target also has a dupe for the spanx version and they are under $20 the only noticeable difference is the thickness but other than that the cheaper version would work just fine. Pair faux leather leggings with oversized hoodies and sweatshirts for a cozy casual look. 

Dark Wash Jeans – Don’t get me wrong I love my Spanx Leather Leggings and would wear them everyday if I could but there’s never a wrong time for a pair of jeans. I am a strong believer in the fact that the right pair of denim can change your life. Okay – that might be pushing it but it can definitely change your outfit, mood and outlook on how you view yourself. As the color trends go darker for fall, dark denim becomes the perfect complement. Stick to a raw hem or skinny jeans if you hope to pair with a pair of ankle booties. 

Fall fashion trends give you a chance to mix and match patterns, fabrics and dress as cozy as can be! Tis’ the season to be basic, so I hope you stock your wardrobe with basics!