Hats off to you Jeff Bezos, seriously I find myself questioning how I survived before Amazon Prime. Amazon prime is like that friend that always influences your bad decisions but you can’t get rid of her because your life would be bad worse without her…I know some of you can relate. 

From moving into a new apartment, starting a full-time job, owning a blog – there was lots I needed to buy and for somethings, a Target trip didn’t cut it (Target is still the holy grail though). I bit the bullet and signed up for an Amazon Prime account and let me just tell you…best $14.99/month I’ve ever spent. 

Here are a few of my favorites!

Face cleaning brush

This brush has changed my life!! Definitely, a Clarisonic dupe and it comes with 6 different adjustable heads. It has become a staple part of my nighttime routine. The brush is waterproof so you don’t have to worry about getting it wet in the shower. 

2-Pack reusable bags

Fun fact: One of our favorite couple activities to do is grocery shop, it’s a trip that always full of laughs and sneaking random items in the cart in hopes that the other doesn’t see haha. We are the couple that pulls up to the grocery store with all of the reusable bags…saving the planet is important people! But these bags are durable and huge, I was surprised by how much we could fit in there. I wish I bought these years ago because they would be perfect for a college student. 

Blue light glasses

I was a skeptic, can these glasses actually help? And yes yes yes they do! I’ve noticed significantly less headaches since wearing these glasses. I went with the all clear (trendy) and Sammy has the black frames. They fit my face nice and I’ve gotten so many compliments! 

Gold Initial Necklace

Ya’ll I am obsessed with this necklace! I have very sensitive skin so I was worried that the quality would break out my neck but nope! This necklace is the perfect size for a statement piece – I really can’t believe it’s only $8.99 

Tassel Bathing Suit

This is the bathing suit of 2019 – I actually bought this when there was still snow on the ground because I knew it would be such a hot commodity! Since I bought it, I have seen so many boutiques replicate it at double the price. This quality is so good for $21 for both pieces – it can’t be beaten! Seriously if you buy anything from this post, buy this and bathing suit and save it for next summer!